Thursday, May 20, 2010

From Underground to the Alamo Air

The days and months spent toiling to make this the most mediocre Spurs related blog on the interwebs has finally gotten Ben and I noticed for something other than the enormity of our schlongs (no homo).

We’ve been asked to join the Fansided Network blog AirAlamo and lend our opinions and insight, however impacted by our limited writing skills they may be, to the fray.

So with that, we say farewell to you here, but not goodbye for “The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning.”

So look for us there and keep in touch.

p.s. if anyone is interesting in taking over for us here let us know

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2010 NBA Lottery Results

1 Wizards
2 Sixers
3 Nets
4 Timberwolves
5 Kings
6 Warriors
7 Pistons
8 Clippers
9 Jazz
10 Pacers
11 Hornets
12 Grizzlies
13 Raptors
14 Rockets

What Does a Draft Pick Get You?

Very thorough breakdown the history of the draft that I though was interesting

What Does a Draft Pick Get You? Part I: Stat Ratings and Number Crunching

Ridiculous Upside: NBA Draft Lottery 2010: It's Today

Tonight the future of this season's worst 14 teams begins to take shape. Will the Nets get the 1st pick? Will Houston leap frog everyone? Like you, I can't wait to see how the ping-pong balls hop. Follow the link to see what other (better) writers are saying

NBA Draft Lottery 2010: It's Today - Ridiculous Upside

Friday, May 14, 2010


 (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

I have to say I didn't see it coming. I thought this year the Cavs had all they needed to win a title. They had 2 pretty good SF/PF combos in Jamison and Hickson. They had a decent PG in Williams and a great hustle guy in Sideshow Bob. They brought in Shaq to deal with D12 in the conference finals and they had the best player in the league. Only problem was they'd never see the Conference Finals. Even though he posted a triple double (27 pts 19 reb 10 ast) in Game 6, it still wasn't enough. Some people are saying LeBron just doesn't know how to win when it matters. Others are saying Mike Brown couldn't coach a girl's youth softball team. It doesn't really matter at this point. Brown will be gone. It's possible Danny Ferry will be gone as well. LeBron has a decision to make. Let's take a look at his suitors and stay tuned for a prediction on where he'll end up. Because I know everyone is just hanging on my every word. You love me.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Parker won't play for France at worlds

I guess we can call this good news...unless Tony breaks himself doing the deed with Eva

Parker won't play for France at worlds -

Mason's Torn Ligament Needs Surgery

In news that comes as no shock to me, Roger Mason Jr. needs surgery on the torn ligament in his hand. He announced this on his twitter feed about half an hour ago.

Just found out I have to have surgery on my hand :tomorrow. / I tried fighting thru it all season, but it is what it is...smh

Yes, he had a torn ligament and continued to play. Some would call that brave and selfless. I call it incredibly dumb. I could see playing with such an injury if you were a defensive minded player. Or if you didn't rely ON JUMPSHOTS. But no, by all means, continue to play even after shooting 30% in April. What could possibly go wrong? Oh right, you can shoot 8% in the playoffs. Silly me!

I wanna puke.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What do we have to look forward to?

Why the 2010 NBA Draft of course!

I've done a little searching of the interwebs to see what "experts" and "bloggers" think the Spurs might do with their picks this year (#20 & #49 respectively). What you will find below is ten most randomly selected websites and who they have penciled in for the Spurs 43 days before the draft (as if any of us have any idea what in the hell the FO will do).
20: Daniel Orton
49: Darrington Hobson

20: Stanley Robinson
49: Jerome Randle
20: Stanley Robinson
49: Pablo Aguilar
20: Damion James
49: Paulo Prestes

20: Stanley Robinson

20: Eric Bledsoe

Ridiculous Upside
20: Luke Babbit
49: Greivis Vasquez
20: James Anderson
49: Lazar Hayward

20: Damion James
49: Artisom Parakhouski
20: Luke Babbit

Updated! New York Daily News Blah Blah Blah

There's a story in the New York Daily News today about a possible trade between the Spurs and Knicks. The story centers around Spurs guard Tony Parker and the possible move to New York. Problem is the New York Daily News is full of shit. And I mean that in the most respectful way possible. But they, or their sources, are full of stuff more disgusting than Julia Roberts without makeup.

First of all they say Tony will be looking for a max deal after his current, $13.5 million, contract expires at the end of the next season. A max contract? That's ridiculous. Either his agent is feeding him fantasies or the source/journalist don't know what they're talking about. Moving on, we see they neglect to understand that George Hill didn't take Parker's starting job because Hill was a better player.

[T]here are reports that San Antonio would consider trading Tony Parker, who lost his starting job to Hill
Parker broke his hand and was just coming back. He came off the bench with limited minutes. They don't mention Hill got benched for the final two games against the Suns. While he has improved vastly, Hill is NOT a starting point guard in this league. His 0.8 assists/game in the playoffs should be an indicator of that. The Spurs would not make a deal without getting a point guard or high draft pick(s) in exchange. The Knicks have neither. The deal would have to be a blockbuster for the Spurs to part with Parker without getting one of those two things in return.

Now let's look at salaries shall we? Parker, as I said above, is making $13.5 million next season. The only current Knick making over $4 million next year is Eddy Curry's carcass. That means the Spurs would have to take on Curry's contract in order to make a Parker trade work (or involve a third team). The question becomes do they value Galinari and/or Chandler as much as they value Parker. It's a rhetorical question. Of course the answer is "not a chance in hell."

The only thing that would change all this would be a third team. But in that case, they'd have to be offering a similar talent-wise player to Parker. I just don't see it happening unless a player really wants to play in NY or San Antonio. It just doesn't make sense from the respective front offices' points of view.

Update: Should clarify that the Knicks can take on more salary since they're under the cap. The issues comes to be the Spurs would want more than just one player (Knicks won't give Galinari AND Chandler) and Curry's contract is expiring. Still, he won't play so basically they're flushing that money down the drains for next season. It's not gonna happen.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end…

We all knew it was coming, it happened at the end of 2008, 2009, and now 2010, the inevitable cries of the demise of Tim Duncan’s San Antonio Spurs. Here then is Bill Simmons’s take on the topic:


To the Duncan-era Spurs: Four titles, 13 straight 50-win seasons (I'm including the stupid lockout season) and a boatload of fantastic memories. OK, not really. But we got to watch Duncan (the best power forward ever), Ginobili (the best international guard ever if you're not counting Nash, and you shouldn't, since Canada isn't really "international"), Parker (who perfected the celebrity relationship), Popovich (the best coach of the past 15 years), and two really fun rivalries (Spurs-Suns, Spurs-Mavs). Look, you can't stay on top for more than a decade without getting a top-three lottery pick or having Chris Wallace trade you a top-three lottery pick. That's just the way this league works. So hold your head up high, Spurs. Fantastic run. When players are bawling in their locker room because they finally beat you (like Nash did after Game 4), you know you accomplished something great. And you did.

Buried within that supposed death knell are some key points that require your attention once again:

* Four titles
* 13 straight 50-win seasons
* Duncan (the best power forward ever)
* Ginobili (the best international guard ever)
* Popovich (the best coach of the past 15 years)

Call me crazy, call me stupid, call me John Holmes 2.0 (your Mom and Sister do), but don’t call me a pessimist…at least when it comes to “Your San Antonio Spurs.”

What? You Thought I Was Serious?

You guys should never listen to me ever again.

Bonus points for the subtle Roger Mason Jr. reference.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A New Mr. Robinson?

We're still deciding on whether we wanna do a mock draft or two for the blog. In the meantime there's this guy:

Stanley Robinson

University of Connecticut
225 lbs
21 Years Old
Available to dunk upon request

See him make good on one of those requests after the jump.

Was Winning One Game Too Much to Ask?

After Game Three, I became resigned to the fact that the Spurs would exit the play-offs earlier than everyone that bleeds Silver-n-Black would have hoped for. I did however think, that they could lock themselves in focus-wise long enough to win at least one game and not look foolish. But alas, it was not to be (Damn you Seth Grahame-Smith!).

As great as the “Big Three” were, that’s about all Pop could ask for night-in and night-out against the Suns. Whereas, Mr. Gentry (if you’re nasty) could count on so much more from so many more players. Stevie Kerr must have been taking notes in Role Players 101 when he played with the Spurs because he found some great ones. Dudley, Dragic, and Frye were to the Suns this year what Horry, Bowen, and Fab/Fin were back in 2007 for the Spurs.

So another season is done, and we will all eagerly await every kernel and nugget (Eww, I think I just made a poop reference. Damn constipation, I need to eat more fiber.) of Spurs news and gossip until they lace ‘em up again next year.

Consider this the forward to the wrap-up I intend to write.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jon Barry Appreciation Fun Time Super Happy Stuff!

Since the offseason is soon upon us I thought I'd post this. I'm assuming people reading this also got a chance to listen to Jon Barry's commentary during Game 3.

Having played for 9 teams in his career (never lasting more than 3 seasons ANYWHERE) Barry put up Hall-of-Fame numbers. Averaging a whopping 5.7 points/game on 43% shooting, he was thought to be the next coming of Jeff Hornacek. 2.2 Assists and 1.9 Rebounds per game were nothing to sneeze at either. Wikipedia even has trouble classifying his greatness

Career highlights and awards

* No notable achievements

Friday, May 7, 2010

***UPDATED*** Unsubstantiated Rumor #9

According to TPark...I mean EricB...over at SpursTalk, Tony Parker will start tonight. Lucky for us he doesn't say if Hill or Manu will be going to the bench. It'll probably be Hill. Assuming he's not full of shit.

Parker starting per my sources.

EricB's chatty post at SpursTalk


This link has an interview with Pop done before tonight's game. He acknowledges his bench can't shoot. He also says that Tony will start and Hill will move to the bench. It's an interesting decision since now the second unit will be led by Hill. Hope he's up to the challenge.

Ric Bucher's Virgin Ears

If you're like me you've been trying to watch most of the NBA playoff games. You would have noticed that the arenas in Oklahoma City and Salt Lake City shook the damn foundation they were built on. ESPNer Ric Bucher is expecting the same from tonight's do-or-die crowd at the at&t center. Take it away Bucher's Twitter!

Will tweet live from sidelines at Spurs-Suns tonight. Expect OKC/SLC-level dbs, so I'm going w/the double-ear monitors. Not that you care.

We care Ric. We care.

Word is they're doing a White Out tonight (handing out white t-shirts to all fans). I say for game 4 they should so a Pussy Out. You know, that's the one where they hand out t-shirts with Suns player's faces on them. I wish I had a drum set so I could end that joke properly.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


240 minutes. That's the number of minutes that can be distributed amongst players on a given team. Sometimes the difference in a game is between 239 and 240. Last night we saw that 15 minutes can change a game. We also saw that 40 minutes might still not be adequate if you (in this case Manu Ginobili) can't penetrate or hit jump shots. It's no secret I disagree with how Pop has coached these first two games in the series. So what's the solution? Well if I knew that I wouldn't be sitting here would I? Who's the smart guy now?

In game 1 he played Mason and Bonner 25 combined minutes while McDyess was only out there for 19. I realize Phoenix plays with a small lineup and Pop is trying to matchup better with their size. The thing Pop doesn't seem to realize is that when you send out players like Mason and Bonner, who are lower than NBDL level right now, you're counteracting your plans. It doesn't do any good to put Mason or Bonner out there to matchup with Richardson and Dudley/Frye when Mason and Bonner can't defend or hit shots. They're black holes in the sense that they are nothingness. They don't help with matchups because they suck on both ends.

Weeeeeee! I'm a Horsey!!!

Take it away Amar'e's twitter!

We support the Latin commuity. They are apart of the 12 tribes of Israel. It 1 Nation under YAH (god). Let's come together. Shalom !! 1love

To be slightly fair, there's also this from Deadspin

A theology student points us to the existence of the Black Hebrew Israelites, more specifically, the offshoot Israelite Church of God and Jesus Christ, which teaches that Native Americans and Hispanics are among the Tribes of Israel.

I say slightly because it's still ridiculous, it's just that it was taught to Amar'e as opposed to him thinking it up himself.

Everything was going to be ok...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What I hope to see

A lot of this:

And not much of this:

Here's to hope!

Suns Radio Likes Katy Perry

I can't say I'm surprised what with the big gay population in Phoenix. This "parody" is from Sports 620 KTAR in Phoenix. Hey guys, can you do Lady Gaga next? Pretty please!!!! Kthanksbye.

Were I Pop: The Uncertain Path

Awww yeah! I’m back again with my faux-fanboy-ism. The way I figure it, everything that ever was and will be can be explained by the Bible, Shakespeare (who ever the fruck that was), and Star Wars…I’d throw the Dark Tower in there too, but we’ll see what Mr. King does to defile his master work in the 8th book before we go there.

I’ve devoured a ton of Spurs content since watching the cock-tease that was Game One, and there are cries from Spurs fandom that range from “start Tony” to “no need to worry, we lost to the Mavs in Game One also” to “Screw Pop, he has no idea what he’s doing”. Now it’s time for me to add my voice to the chorus.

I titled this piece in the manner I did, because I can see a lot of uncertainty in how to move forward in this series. I can see mixing up the starting line-up as much as I can see leaving things as they are or changing the substitution pattern. But since you…if in fact there are any “yous” out there reading this

(I mean come on, how hard is it to post a comment every now and again…I’ll even take a tweet telling me that I’m way off base…anything to know that I’m loved, okay well not loved, but at least humored)

…come here for biased wild-ass theories about how best to run the Spurs I’m going to lay out a path that I could see putting the Suns on their heels a bit (though honestly, why anyone would give a 6’-8” white guy that can’t dunk any credence I have no idea).

Here’s how I would start the game: Parker, Bogans, Jefferson, Duncan, McDyess. The reason is simple, allowing the Suns to get off to a hot start provides them with the confidence needed to handle the game the way that they want. Tony should be able to guard Nash effectively as he’s done it a number of times and Bogans hopefully can keep Richardson from getting into a groove. Effective help and pick-n-roll defense will be needed by the frontcourt to make this work.

Then I’d platoon the shit out of this fucker and bring Manu, Hill, and Blair off the bench around the 6-8 minute mark. Now you’ve got Tony, Hill, Manu, Blair, and Duncan on the court. Blair’s job is to body the hell out of STAT, while the rest of the group does what it can to score and stop scoring by the Suns.

My final move of the First Quarter would be to sit Duncan and Tony with about 2 minutes left.

The line-up is now Hill, Manu, Bogans, Blair, McDyess…which hopefully is the right mix of energy, defense, and scoring ability to close the quarter out effectively. You’ve got two corner three options, two pick-n-roll bigs, and one crafty-ass sumbitch to do what they do. An effective First Quarter should make the rest of the game that much easier to handle, which hopefully little need to play catch up later in the game.

The only other option I see on the table that makes any sense, is to substitute to the match-ups. For instance, when Amudson checks in, Blair should too. The same goes for Frye and Bonner.

Regardless of what I’ve written here, I fully expect to see a lot more small ball tonight, I’m just laying out the way I think Pop should move along the uncertain path of the play-offs.

Kobe Photoshoot Photoshop Mashup

Anyone who watched the Lakers beat the Jazz last night saw some interesting pictures of Kobe Bryant displayed by TNT. Craig Sager even asked Kobe about the pictures. Here's a mashup of all the wonderful photoshop jobs on the already ridiculous pictures.

Credit for making these goes to the people at

Baby Beluga in the Deep Blue Sea

In case anyone reading this doesn't know, our good friend Joey Crawford (pictured below) has been assigned to officiate tonight's game 2 in Phoenix. There's no word on the betting line yet but I'd guess there will be favorable odds that Duncan doesn't get tossed/Spurs win.
"He looked at me and said, 'Do you want to fight? Do you want to fight?"' Duncan said. "If he wants to fight, we can fight. I don't have any problem with him, but we can do it if he wants to. I have no reason why in the middle of a game he would yell at me, 'Do you want to fight?"'

You wanna fight?

Roger Mason Jr. - Shit Sandwich

Well Hello. How are you? Bad? Me too. It might have something to do with Roger Mason Jr. You see, Money Mase seemed to be a bright spot for the Spurs last season. He hit insanely clutch shots and was an assassin all season. Then the playoffs came and he and Matt Bonner shriveled faster than Tiger Woods' dick at a hooker convention. Wait, no opposite of that. Yeah, cuz Tiger is a philandering dickhead. Anyways, Mason and Bonner shrank to nothing and missed more shots than you or I could possibly fathom. We thought it was a fluke. After all Mason and Bonner had been shooting lights out the entire 2008/2009 season. The playoffs were just an outlier in a statistical certainty; that Mason and Bonner were great shooters. Everything would be fine this season. Mason would get back to slapping his hip and Bonner would prove Gingers do have souls [Ed: They don't].

Then the 2009/2010 season came and so did Roger Mason his pants. Things started off benignly. He shot 44% from the field and 34% from three in November. Not great but not terrible. December saw Mason have his best month of the season and his best FG% as a Spur (48%). His 3-PT% shot up as well (39%) and the Spurs were winning (10-5 with 4 road wins). That's where the happy story ends for "Money" Mason. His shot dropped off a cliff in January and February and while his 3-PT% went up, his FG% dropped markedly and the Spurs were losing. Each successive month saw his percentages decline and his confidence wither.

Us Spurs fans were disappointed but not terribly worried about Mason's decline. We had George Hill break out and even Malik Hairston looked serviceable (giggle). Bonner had a hit and miss regular season but wound up with a good 3-PT%. Grizzly Blair would start taking over Bonner's minutes since Blair was arguably the best pure rebounder on the team. Everything was going to be ok...

Oh I have missed your Hall-of-Fameness. As the season came to a close it looked like Pop would sit Mason, Centerpiece, and to a lesser extent Bonner in the playoffs. Mason played a lot to end the season but contributed nothing. He also saw decreasing minutes in the first round against the Mavericks. 9-6-1-0 were his minutes in the first four games. But you just couldn't let it go could you Pop? Game 5 saw Mason get 28 minutes and the Spurs were embarrassed in Dallas. Whew. At least Pop learned his lesson. Mason got a big fat DNP in game 6 and the Spurs closed out the MyLittlePonies.

Here's a breakdown of Mason's series against Dallas:

Game 1 - 9 min; 0-2 FG; 0-1 3PT; 1 Ast; 4 fouls;
Game 2 - 6 min; 0-1 FG; 0-1 3PT; 1 foul;
Game 3 - 1 min; 0-0 FG; 0-0 3PT;
Game 4 - DNP;
Game 5 - 28 min; 1-6 FG; 1-3 3PT; 1 Ast; 2 Reb; 2 TO; 3 fouls;
Game 6 - DNP;

For those of you keeping track that's a FG% of 11% and a 3-PT% of 20%. BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE! Or was he just building one?

It's not a stretch to say when Mason plays significant minutes, the Spurs lose. Which is why I, as well as most diehard Spurs fans, nearly lost my mind when Pop decided to bring Mason in during crunch time in the 4th of game 1 vs. Phoenix. He played crucial minutes in the 4th while the Spurs were trying to claw their way back into the game. Not surprisingly he did nothing and was matadorish on defense. Finally, as a sign of intense desperation, Pop instructed Mason to intentionally foul Amundson, putting the Spurs into the penalty, so he could yank him from the game. It only took Pop 4 WHOLE MINUTES to realize Mason brought less to the table than a 900 lb Wisconsin housewife. Mason was so bad he was told to intentionally put another team to the line in the 4th quarter of a playoff game. There's really nothing more to add to that.

Actually there is one more thing to add. After Game 1 Mason's shooting percentages for the playoffs are

9% FG%
14.3% 3-PT%
0% FT%

Oh and he has committed 11 fouls in just 56 minutes.

I'd like to start the "Don't. Play. Mason." movement here at the Underground. Who's with me?

Monday, May 3, 2010

ESPN Punditry Recap Volume 3

Chris Sheridan this time:

Chris (San Antonio TX):Chris,must the Spurs get a Split in order to beat the Suns or do you think they can go on a run later and still win the series?

Chris Sheridan 3:04 PM: Aside from the Cavs, I feel they are the team most capable of winning on someone else's court at any particular time, which is why I picked them in 7 against Phoenix, meaning they'd have to win that last game on the road.
I'm picking the Spurs in seven also, though I would love for the Spurs to shock the hell outta the Suns something like this:

Jim (Phoenix):I think you're selling the Suns a little too short. The Mavs may have had the best road record this year and didn't get one in San Antonio, but I think Dallas was overrated/lucky this year to get 55 wins. However, I feel Game 1 is more key to their success in this series than it was against Portland. Protecting home court against the Spurs is very important.

Chris Sheridan (3:31 PM): I'm not selling them short. I just think the series will go the distance, and the Spurs will find a way to win that last one on the road. They have been playing like a team possessed, and their supporting guys (Hill, McDyess) will outshine Phoenix's in a winner-take-all game.

While on the surface it may appear as though the Suns are a deeper team in terms of supporting players, the chops displayed by McDyess and Hill against the Mavs show me that they are far and away a better team. I also think that Pop has got the level against his former fellow assistant Mr. Gentry

Josh (Knoxville, TN): What do you think the Spurs will do with Jefferson next year? His salary is big enough to be part of a sign-and-trade for Bosh, but obviously his actual performance doesn't match his salary. Can the Spurs improve with him as a trade piece? Thanks.

Chris Sheridan (3:44 PM): They are stuck with him and his $15 million salary. Peter Holt will have to sell a lot of tractors to pay the luxury tax bill next year, but it'll be worth it if they come out of the West this year. That's why they took on RJ in the first place.

Let's wait until the Spurs are done for the season to see who they are "stuck with", also let's keep an eye on the CBA progress. If it's looking good then RJ may be a key piece in a trade at the deadline next year...and don't forget he may opt out in favor of a longer contract.

Made by Folks in San Antonio Who Know What Pace should Taste Like

This series is going to come down to a few key match-ups and/or factors. The first as I see it is PACE…the team that best controls the pace (i.e. plays it to their liking) is going to most likely win the series. The Suns’ pace of play works out to 4th out of 30, whereas the Spurs’ ranks 20th. While neither is good or bad, it just shows that one team plays the game a bit faster than the other.

Now, some of you might remember 2005 when the Spurs at times ran just as well as the Suns. With Tony, Manu, George, and Rage on the floor at one time or another, they might still be able to do just that, but I’m not going to count on it.

Just as in Round One, where Tim Duncan did what he could to offset Dirk’s output, I expect for him to try and do the same here with A’mare. If he can account for 50-75%, then I think the Spurs will be in good shape. I’m not expecting Stoudemire to bust out 43 point games this time around as he’s just not quite as explosive anymore, but he will ring ‘em up pretty good just the same. Keep an eye on this second key to the series.

Next we come to bench play. It appears as though the Suns have a few more cogs in their inner workings this time around, but none of them are going to kill the Spurs. Dudley will need to be accounted for, and you might be able to say the same for Frye (but I’m not going to). We’ll get to the other key bench players in a moment.

Finally, Imma gonna say that the most important match-up in this series is going to be backcourt versus backcourt. Parker, Manu, and Hill have to be able to counter and probably surpass the play of Nash, Richardson, Dragic, and Barbosa. Maybe a few minutes of Bogans on Richardson should be counted on here as well. Nash will need to play defense in this series, and if the Spurs can stretch it out, I expect to see him flail a little as the round pounds on. Both Richardson and Dragic can shoot, so chasing them off the line is going to be key to keeping them in check.

One last side bar before wrapping this up. It will be quite interesting to see who got the better of the Dragic/ Blair trade. Given the Bigs that the Suns have lined-up, I expect that Blair just might have a better outing than he did in Round One, which in my mind will put the Spurs up on the Suns (once again).

As much as I’ve said about Pace above, ultimately basketball comes down to match-ups and I think that the Spurs match-up exceedingly well with the Suns, and if they can play like we all know they are capable of then I expect for the Spurs to be sitting pretty in the WCF.

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