Friday, April 30, 2010

Just too Funny

Mark Cuban Reacting:

I Was Only Partially Right…

My prediction for the First Round was that Ginobili and Blair would be the keys to series, turns out that it was Hill and Manu that should split the MVP award for that round. In my mind though, I am going to give Hill the award since he’s only in his second season, and if you toss out Game 1 (which he shouldn’t have played in) his stat line looks like this: 17.2 pts & 4.6 reb. I’d like to see him get a few more assists, but as he’s a Converted 2/ Combo Guard I say that’s fine for now.

To be sure, many of the Spurs had key contributions to the series. Blair did some great things in Game 4, SAM’s smooth shooting on the long two’s and D on Dirk were helpful to say the least, and Tony Parker did some clutch things throughout the series. Duncan was up and down on the measurables, but his presence was key as a steadying force and leader.

I fully expect this to continue in Round Two.

Spurs Get a Favor From the Schedule Maker

I'm sure that the "old legs" of the key Spurs players will enjoy a weekend lacking in playoff intensity...given the recovery timeline of Robin Lopez, I image that the Suns are liking the delayed start also.

Spurs, Suns tip off series Monday night; S.A. games set for next Friday and Sunday

Mark Cuban: 'I'm not proud of the NBA'

Here's the specific quote:

"I'm proud of our guys, the way they kept on fighting back. I'm not so proud of the NBA. I'm not proud of my inability over the last 10 years to have the impact like I want to have, so I kind of feel like I owe fans an apology," Cuban said. "But, that's just he way this business goes. But congratulations to the Spurs."

You wanna know why you haven't had the impact you wanted Marky-Mark? Because everyone hates you...David Stern had your picture glazed into the inside of his toilet bowl so that he could take commissioner-sized dumps on your stupid haircut. I know they say that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but in real life, when people think you are a whinny annoying little bitch they do their best to ignore you.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban: 'I'm not proud of the NBA' - ESPN Dallas

Thursday, April 29, 2010

ESPN Commentary Update: Today's John Hollinger Chat

At least one of you thinks he's an idiot, but Spurs content is Spurs content....

Joe (NY): I know I am looking ahead but are the Suns better equipped than they were a few years ago to beat the Spurs in the playoffs??

John Hollinger (12:07 PM): Well, they're no longer trying to imitate the Spurs, so that should be a big help, and Duncan isn't the dominating force he once was so the match-up against the Suns' bigs won't be as problematic. Plus, they'll have home court and the Mavs will have softened the Spurs up a bit in terms of wear and tear. I think a lot of things favor Phoenix this time around, assuming both they and San Antonio take care of business tonight.
Ummm...with Lopez out, I'm not seeing how the Big equation is more equal, seems to be that it's about the same as last time...Amare ain't exactly the same player he was when he "torched" Timmy

Andrew (Dallas): Both Dallas and Denver trail 3-2 despite having positive Point Differntials, thoughts?

John Hollinger (12:18 PM): Slightly odd but not altogether unusual for the home-court team after a fifth game due to the 3-2 home-road split, and the fact that a team like the Spurs or Jazz in Game 5 has some incentive to white-flag early when things get out of hand.
Can't say anything about the Jazz/ Nuggets series, because I don't care yet...but Game 5 pretty much screwed the hell out of the averages between the Spurs and Mavs.

Brian (Providence): Which series are you more looking forward to; CLE/BOS or potential (and likely) SAS/PHX?

John Hollinger (12:25 PM): Spurs-Suns, absolutely. Not only because of the history, but because I think the winner will be this year's Western Conference champion.
I think it will be another awesome series like this one has been...don't know why anyone that likes basketball would think otherwise

Steve (Utah): Should Spurs and Jazz fans consider their game 6's at home in essence their game 7's?

John Hollinger (12:36 PM): No, I think each team has a decent shot at winning a seventh game on the road. But you'd much rather not get to that point.

Mav wrecks nation (Dallas, TX): What Texas BBQ sauce do you recommed for the Crow we are going to eat tonight?

John Hollinger (12:40 PM): Easy, now. Dallas looked pretty good the other night and I'm a little worried that Manu's nose is holding him back.
All I'm saying is that I really hope that the Spurs TCB tonight and that Portland does too...having a little extra rest ain't gonna hurt nobody

Spurs' Blair OK after accident

Lexicon worthy quote below:

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said Blair was unshaken, but physically unharmed.

Courtside with the Spurs

Manu Ginobili Getting Some Love Today in the Good Ol' USA

Manu Ginobili embodies Spurs' fighting spirit in playoff push -

Today in Foregone Conclusions: Tyreke Evans is Rookie of the Year

There were a few players that made this ever-so slightly not a gimme, but when you look at the season as a whole, this was Evans award no doubt...I guess Obama knows a thing or two about hoops

Tyreke Evans wins NBA Rookie of the Year award -

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chris Sheridan Chat Recap

For the full Chat go here:E2N

Just a few things to call your attention to today:

Ian (Akron): Who have been the best post season pgs in your opinion?

Chris Sheridan (4:40 PM): Deron Williams, Russell Westbrook, Jameer Nelson, Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose and George Hill, in that order. On the flip side, Raymond Felton probably cost himself $10 million this postseason. He'll be unrestricted this summer.

Jack (Austin, Texas): You still sticking by your prediction of Mavs winning the series against the Spurs?

Chris Sheridan (4:58 PM): Hating that prediction, but am stuck with it. They looked like a beaten team the other night in much the same manner as they did against G.S. a couple years ago.

Monday, April 26, 2010

My Little Ponies

Last George Hill Related Post of the Day...I Promise

From the Dallas Observer:

Dirk was flustered and not very good in Game 4, but where's his help? Duncan goes 1 of 9 but wins because George Hill answers with 5 3-pointers and 29 points. In his gut don't you just know Dirk is asking "Where the eff is my George Hill?!"

Mavs C Dampier fined $35,000 for criticizing refs

Mavs C Dampier fined $35,000 for criticizing refs -

Just found this, and it is AWESOME!

Hardwood Paroxysm

From Best in Show to a Few Stray Dogs

The Big Three last night were more like " What's the Big Deal With These Three?", yet the Spurs came away from a loss...all thanks to IUPUI.

Last year at this time, we were begging Pop to play Hill more, which he did towards the end of the series. Without those reps, I doubt we'd be seeing what we saw from Hill last night. I'm of the mind, that if Hill had been able to play at 100% in Game One, then this series very well might be over today. if he keeps this up, I say Tony's days as a Spur are numbered.

2010 NBA playoffs: Shawn Marion believes Dallas Mavericks can rally from 3-1 hole

2010 NBA playoffs: Shawn Marion believes Dallas Mavericks can rally from 3-1 hole - ESPN Dallas...not to count the chickens before the hatch, but Imma gonna say no way to that statement

Thursday, April 22, 2010

From Playing like a Dogs to Best in Show

So now we are back to square one…well sort of, since each team will need three wins out of the next five games to win the series (ah, reminds me of the good ol’ days of five game series in Hemisphere), but in reality coming home 1-1 is pretty much swings the momentum San Antonio’s way so it’s not truly square one.

How did we get here? As the guys at 48MOH will tell you, regression to the mean means a lot when you play the same team over and over and over and over…. Also, much was made of Pop’s derision of his players, some of them at least, as having played liked dogs, and I think that plus adjustments to the line-up, better health of George Hill, and continued scoring excellence of Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili are what made the difference.

Take a look at the box scores from Games One and Two:

Game One

Game Two

A few things should pretty immediately jump out at you.

  • Richard Jefferson went from 4 points to 19 points.

  • Tim Duncan went from 6 turnovers to 0 turnovers.

  • George Hill was able to chip in 7 points in Game 2 versus 0 in Game one

Which brings be to a tangent I’ve been thinking about. You often hear about the ability to play hurt and knowing the difference between being hurt and being injured. I think this leads to players pushing themselves to play when they aren’t quite ready. If Hill would have sat out Game One, I can’t help but think that someone else on the roster could have put his 18 minutes to better use. I mean Temple probably could have done as much or more than three rebounds and two turnovers. Also Tony Parker could have played a few more minutes as well.

This would have most likely meant that George was more rested and better healed for Game Two and the rest of the playoffs…and who knows what it would have meant for Game One.

Continuing on list from above:

  • All starters in Game One fell on the bad side of the +/- minus scale, whereas in Game Two all starters were at least +6, with the front line all +20 or better

  • DeJuan Blair has yet to find his groove in the Playoffs (this might be because across two games he’s only played 19 minutes, and that’s what he averaged per game for the entire season)

  • Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili are playing a bunch of minutes, 40 and 36 respectively for Timmy and 40 and 33 for Manu. This is well above their season averages of 31 and 28, of course this is the playoff and you go big or you go home, but we also have to keep that in check a bit.

I expect a close Game Three, but think the home cooking and familiar confines should push the Spurs up 2-1. Let's jump ball this one now!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rockets' Brooks to be named NBA's Most Improved Player...In Other News George Hill is Playing for a Team in the Playoffs

While I guess this is a worthy award, George Hill had a pretty good case as well in the opinion of most Spurs fans...will be interesting to see how the votes shook out.

Rockets' Brooks to be named NBA's Most Improved Player NBA Basketball - Houston Chronicle

Brooks earned 403 of a possible 615 points, including 62 first-place votes, from a panel of 123 sports writers and broadcasters. Kevin Durant of Oklahoma City, George Hill of San Antonio and Marc Gasol of Memphis all tied for second with 101 total points.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spurs Silver Dancers perform

Our time with these lovely ladies is coming to a close:

Spurs Silver Dancers perform

Monday, April 19, 2010

Marcus Camby Agrees To Two-Year Contract Extension With Blazers - SB Nation

Some Spurs fans have been clammoring for the addition of this dude, but it ain't gonna happen anytime soon:

Marcus Camby Agrees To Two-Year Contract Extension With Blazers - SB Nation

Thursday, April 15, 2010

John Hollinger Chats the Spurs…

Okay so any one of you could have copy-pasted this, but you didn’t and I did so I guess that makes me the brains of the operation. What follows below is a collection of questions and answers from today’s chat that touch on Spurs related issues.

Jean (ny)
Does crawford have 6th man locked up?

John Hollinger
Yes. There's been a late push for Manu, who has better overall stats, but if you look most of Manu's damage has come as a starter -- Crawford has nearly 1,000 more minutes as a reserve and his off-the-bench stats rival Ginobili's.

I can agree with this assertion

micah (san antonio)
thank you for being one of the few picking the Spurs (in 6 no less) to beat the Mavs. I have come to trust your mathematical wizardry over the years and I'm putting my trust in your selection (even though only 3 out of the 12 of ya'll picked the Spurs).

John Hollinger
I love how I'm a mathematical wizard if I pick in favor of somebody's team and just some computer nerd if I pick against them.

Such is the nature of homerism John, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles

micah (san antonio)
Was Pop smart to concede to a Spurs/Mavs 1st round by resting Timmy and Manu last night?

John Hollinger
Yes, because that was preferable to playing Utah or Phoenix. True, San Anto lost two of three to Dallas heading into last night, but they went a combined 1-6 against Phoenix and Utah. The fact the Spurs nearly beat them on the road with their backups has to make them feel good about their prospects.

I too think it was a smart move, but not so much because of the “rest” factor, but because it was almost a given that the Spurs and Mavs would be seeing a lot more of each other in the first round, and if either Timmy or Manu got hurt then it would be time to cue the Fat Lady…as it is Hill turned a ankle and that could have your Mom tuning up her vocal chords as it is.

(Portland, OR)

Lakers road to the finals will look like this: OKC, Jazz, and Mavs. That sure is a lot easier than the Cavs: Bulls, Celtics, and Magic. Don't you agree?

John Hollinger
I think it looks more like OKC, Jazz and Spurs/Suns, and I think it's a lot harder for them to get out of the first two rounds than it will be for Cleveland. Not sure if you've seen Boston lately but they're a spent force; at this point Miami might scare the Cavs more than playing the Celtics does.

Matt (San Antonio TX)
So I am guessing you still think the mavs wont make it far correct?

John Hollinger
That's correct, although they played much better in that five-game streak to end the season. They didn't get a real friendly draw either, despite landing the No. 2 seed they would have to face the two hottest teams in the conference back-to-back to make the WCF.

Bill (PA)
if you had to bet on 1 first round upset, what would it be?

John Hollinger
Spurs-Mavs. Just think San Antonio was playing at a really high level to end the season and they can do a lot of damage if their creaky vets are in good health.

I know seedings are seedings, but when it comes to Spurs-Mavs you can pretty much throw them out the window. There’s so much underlying hatred between these two teams that they each take it to another level…so sure play the underdog card all you want, but I am expecting knock-down, drag-out games in this one

Josh (Knoxville, TN)
A couple years ago you had LA beating the Spurs in 5 games b/c that's what the numbers said. I thought you were crazy, but it went 4-1 LA. Of course, the series was actually much closer than that (Spurs falling apart in Game 1 and Joey Crawford exacting his revenge on SA), but I had to give you props. Think you nailed the Spurs losing to Dallas last year too. And I also remember you hitting the Spurs spot on for their last Championship when everyone else said Dallas. So I say you're a wizard whether you favor the Spurs or not.

John Hollinger
I've had an inordinate amount of success picking Spurs' series for some reason, with one exception (had the Hornets beating them in 7 two years ago; it went 7 but Spurs won). Let's see if it continues this year, I do believe they'll beat Dallas but after that the match-ups are pretty much 50-50 propositions.

I know that everyone is SA-town is hoping that prognosticating luck comes through this time also

Brock (Dallas)
You talk above about how the Spurs were smart for sitting Tim and Manu but yet you forget to mention Dallas sat Caron and Jason Kidd was on the bench for most of the game

John Hollinger
Butler played 39 minutes, Kidd played 28. Not sure what game you were at.

Silly Mavs fan, brains are for using

Steve (Washington)
I heard RJ might opt out in San Antonio? Could the Spurs really be that lucky, and
what would that do to their summer?

John Hollinger
Better chance of a Bulls-Thunder Finals than there is of RJ opting out. Not believing that story for even one second.
Only way that RJ opts out is if he thinks he’s getting married to the Spurs, then he’ll drop-out one day before the deadline and send a parting gift to boot

Sebastian (Krakow, Poland)
Who did you have last year in the Mavs-Spurs series? As a Mavs fan I need to know whether to start worrying.

John Hollinger
I had Dallas in six, and then in the second round I had Denver in seven.

Again, We all hope you’re right on this time again

Matt (SA)
After last nights performance, would you say dejuan blair is gonna be a factor in the Spurs Mavs matchup?

John Hollinger
Not sure. He was playing center, and the Spurs already have a pretty decent one with Tim Duncan, even if we're not allowed to publicly acknowledge that he's a center. So I'm not sure Blair gets more than 10-12 minutes. Can he be a factor in those minutes? Absolutely. But he's not going for 20-20.

Mark it down now, this series will be won on the backs of DeJaun Blair and Manu Ginobili…The Mavs will most likely put Matrix on Tony when he’s in and Butler on Jefferson that means that JKidd will have to try and guard Manu and/or Hill…Jason’s a smart and crafty player, but Manu will make him eat his skidmarks, and if Hill is confident and healthyhe could do some damage there too.

If however, Butler ends up on Manu then JKidd has to try and cover RJ or TP, and if they are smart then they'll take it to the rim every chance they get.

I think that Haywood has a shot at playing Timmy pretty effectively, and I see Duncan making more of a mark as a facilitator and defensive presence than on the bottom line. Dirk will get the
cush job of “guarding” whomever is left whether it be Dice, Blair, Bonner,Mason, or Bogans. Here’s where Blair comes in, Dirk doesn’t want to bang and battle for rebounds and loose balls so the Beast should be able to do some damage doing what he does best: creating havoc and opportunity.

Things will be a bit different when Barrea and Beaubois are on the court, at which time I
expect to see them on Tony or Hill, and the Mavs defense to benefit from that due to "trickle down"…depending on whom is on the court with whom of course.

On the defensive end, I see Duncan playing Haywood and Dampier, Tony and Hill on JKidd et al,
Manu/Bogans on Terry and Butler, Jefferson on Butler and Marion, and Dice and
Blair on Dirk. Bonner could get some spot time on the German as well, but he’d be best served being on the court when Dirk sits if you ask me.

So to recap:
Manu’s ability to scorch JKidd and play effective defense on Terry and Butler as well as Blair’s ability to bang the crap out of Dirk, haul in rebounds, and learn on the fly will likely be the keys to the game.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Let's Play: FIX THE CBA!

So what you will see below are some spit-ballin’, brain-stormin, off-the-cuff ideas for breathing some life back into the NBA. These aren’t all necessarily good ideas, but maybe a few of them are. What I am looking to accomplish will these ideas is: increase player movement between teams, provide a greater level of opportunity for players, increase parity, and make it harder for big market teams to dominate while also giving the owners a bit more cash and flexibility. Add any ideas you see fit below.

· Expand draft to three rounds
· Make the NBDL a true “minor” league (vet’s can be assigned there for injury rehab, etc.)
· A player can be sent to NBDL for their entire rookie contract
· Increase amount teams can contribute to a buy-out to $1mil
· End salary holds for free agents
· Reduce max length of contracts to 5 years, no bonus year for “Bird Rights”
· Change age limits for draft:
Player must be 20 by draft date to be selected
Players are automatically eligible for draft @ if 23 on draft day
· NBDL players can be drafted in NBA draft if they’ve never been drafted before
· Adjust rookie salary scale so that 1st pick value starts @ MLE value, follow same percentage reduction as it currently exists
· Change trade rules to: salaries must match 133% plus $125K
· Keep the luxury tax, but make payments equal to $1.25 for every dollar over the line
· Revenue shall be split 50/50 between owners and players
· Prohibit trade kickers
· Enable “no-trade” clauses in some manner (i.e. only one player per team, only for first three years of a contract, etc.)
· Re-enact the “Michael Finely” rule

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