Thursday, March 18, 2010

10 % of Tim Duncan no Longer Enough

Tim Duncan had arguably the worst game of his career last night (by the way I just fell prey to one of my own pet peeves…of course anything can be argued, why do we even have the word “arguably” in our language?).
Of course, given his 12 years of steady domination, we really can’t hold this one against him, but it sure was bad timing (not to mention a royal suck for my fantasy team…I’m the 8th seed in my league and about to get my ass handed to me).
I halfway expect Timmy to come back and have a dominate night on Friday… of course the Gun Shot Wounds aren’t the most formidable of opponents nor to they have what you would call a stand out Big for him to battle with so that might have happened regardless of last night

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