Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Were I Pop: The Uncertain Path

Awww yeah! I’m back again with my faux-fanboy-ism. The way I figure it, everything that ever was and will be can be explained by the Bible, Shakespeare (who ever the fruck that was), and Star Wars…I’d throw the Dark Tower in there too, but we’ll see what Mr. King does to defile his master work in the 8th book before we go there.

I’ve devoured a ton of Spurs content since watching the cock-tease that was Game One, and there are cries from Spurs fandom that range from “start Tony” to “no need to worry, we lost to the Mavs in Game One also” to “Screw Pop, he has no idea what he’s doing”. Now it’s time for me to add my voice to the chorus.

I titled this piece in the manner I did, because I can see a lot of uncertainty in how to move forward in this series. I can see mixing up the starting line-up as much as I can see leaving things as they are or changing the substitution pattern. But since you…if in fact there are any “yous” out there reading this

(I mean come on, how hard is it to post a comment every now and again…I’ll even take a tweet telling me that I’m way off base…anything to know that I’m loved, okay well not loved, but at least humored)

…come here for biased wild-ass theories about how best to run the Spurs I’m going to lay out a path that I could see putting the Suns on their heels a bit (though honestly, why anyone would give a 6’-8” white guy that can’t dunk any credence I have no idea).

Here’s how I would start the game: Parker, Bogans, Jefferson, Duncan, McDyess. The reason is simple, allowing the Suns to get off to a hot start provides them with the confidence needed to handle the game the way that they want. Tony should be able to guard Nash effectively as he’s done it a number of times and Bogans hopefully can keep Richardson from getting into a groove. Effective help and pick-n-roll defense will be needed by the frontcourt to make this work.

Then I’d platoon the shit out of this fucker and bring Manu, Hill, and Blair off the bench around the 6-8 minute mark. Now you’ve got Tony, Hill, Manu, Blair, and Duncan on the court. Blair’s job is to body the hell out of STAT, while the rest of the group does what it can to score and stop scoring by the Suns.

My final move of the First Quarter would be to sit Duncan and Tony with about 2 minutes left.

The line-up is now Hill, Manu, Bogans, Blair, McDyess…which hopefully is the right mix of energy, defense, and scoring ability to close the quarter out effectively. You’ve got two corner three options, two pick-n-roll bigs, and one crafty-ass sumbitch to do what they do. An effective First Quarter should make the rest of the game that much easier to handle, which hopefully little need to play catch up later in the game.

The only other option I see on the table that makes any sense, is to substitute to the match-ups. For instance, when Amudson checks in, Blair should too. The same goes for Frye and Bonner.

Regardless of what I’ve written here, I fully expect to see a lot more small ball tonight, I’m just laying out the way I think Pop should move along the uncertain path of the play-offs.

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  1. If I see Mason play a single minute I'm gonna lose it.



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