Thursday, May 6, 2010

Weeeeeee! I'm a Horsey!!!

Take it away Amar'e's twitter!

We support the Latin commuity. They are apart of the 12 tribes of Israel. It 1 Nation under YAH (god). Let's come together. Shalom !! 1love

To be slightly fair, there's also this from Deadspin

A theology student points us to the existence of the Black Hebrew Israelites, more specifically, the offshoot Israelite Church of God and Jesus Christ, which teaches that Native Americans and Hispanics are among the Tribes of Israel.

I say slightly because it's still ridiculous, it's just that it was taught to Amar'e as opposed to him thinking it up himself.


  1. You know what Ben, Imma gonna say that while on the surface it might be ridiculous, given that everyone that's everyone migrated out-of-Africa and on top of that I think I saw somewhere an Eskimo that was related to a Cuban or some such through their DNA that Latino's just might be swinging from your family tree

  2. Well an Eskimo related to a Cuban is understandable because of the migration out of Asia that took people from Alaska all the way down the Tierra Del Fuego. Such a radiation of civilized peoples makes sense in the thousands of years of migration. What doesn't make sense is how Israelites made it to North or South America. What'd they do, cross the Atlantic in row boats? KNOWLEDGE ASSEMBLE!!!

  3. If you follow the out-of-Africa route doesn't it go through the Middle East and then into Eurpoe and Asia and finally the do you think that Jesus got here to toalk to the Mormons?



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