Monday, May 10, 2010

Was Winning One Game Too Much to Ask?

After Game Three, I became resigned to the fact that the Spurs would exit the play-offs earlier than everyone that bleeds Silver-n-Black would have hoped for. I did however think, that they could lock themselves in focus-wise long enough to win at least one game and not look foolish. But alas, it was not to be (Damn you Seth Grahame-Smith!).

As great as the “Big Three” were, that’s about all Pop could ask for night-in and night-out against the Suns. Whereas, Mr. Gentry (if you’re nasty) could count on so much more from so many more players. Stevie Kerr must have been taking notes in Role Players 101 when he played with the Spurs because he found some great ones. Dudley, Dragic, and Frye were to the Suns this year what Horry, Bowen, and Fab/Fin were back in 2007 for the Spurs.

So another season is done, and we will all eagerly await every kernel and nugget (Eww, I think I just made a poop reference. Damn constipation, I need to eat more fiber.) of Spurs news and gossip until they lace ‘em up again next year.

Consider this the forward to the wrap-up I intend to write.

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