Friday, May 7, 2010

Ric Bucher's Virgin Ears

If you're like me you've been trying to watch most of the NBA playoff games. You would have noticed that the arenas in Oklahoma City and Salt Lake City shook the damn foundation they were built on. ESPNer Ric Bucher is expecting the same from tonight's do-or-die crowd at the at&t center. Take it away Bucher's Twitter!

Will tweet live from sidelines at Spurs-Suns tonight. Expect OKC/SLC-level dbs, so I'm going w/the double-ear monitors. Not that you care.

We care Ric. We care.

Word is they're doing a White Out tonight (handing out white t-shirts to all fans). I say for game 4 they should so a Pussy Out. You know, that's the one where they hand out t-shirts with Suns player's faces on them. I wish I had a drum set so I could end that joke properly.

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