Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Updated! New York Daily News Blah Blah Blah

There's a story in the New York Daily News today about a possible trade between the Spurs and Knicks. The story centers around Spurs guard Tony Parker and the possible move to New York. Problem is the New York Daily News is full of shit. And I mean that in the most respectful way possible. But they, or their sources, are full of stuff more disgusting than Julia Roberts without makeup.

First of all they say Tony will be looking for a max deal after his current, $13.5 million, contract expires at the end of the next season. A max contract? That's ridiculous. Either his agent is feeding him fantasies or the source/journalist don't know what they're talking about. Moving on, we see they neglect to understand that George Hill didn't take Parker's starting job because Hill was a better player.

[T]here are reports that San Antonio would consider trading Tony Parker, who lost his starting job to Hill
Parker broke his hand and was just coming back. He came off the bench with limited minutes. They don't mention Hill got benched for the final two games against the Suns. While he has improved vastly, Hill is NOT a starting point guard in this league. His 0.8 assists/game in the playoffs should be an indicator of that. The Spurs would not make a deal without getting a point guard or high draft pick(s) in exchange. The Knicks have neither. The deal would have to be a blockbuster for the Spurs to part with Parker without getting one of those two things in return.

Now let's look at salaries shall we? Parker, as I said above, is making $13.5 million next season. The only current Knick making over $4 million next year is Eddy Curry's carcass. That means the Spurs would have to take on Curry's contract in order to make a Parker trade work (or involve a third team). The question becomes do they value Galinari and/or Chandler as much as they value Parker. It's a rhetorical question. Of course the answer is "not a chance in hell."

The only thing that would change all this would be a third team. But in that case, they'd have to be offering a similar talent-wise player to Parker. I just don't see it happening unless a player really wants to play in NY or San Antonio. It just doesn't make sense from the respective front offices' points of view.

Update: Should clarify that the Knicks can take on more salary since they're under the cap. The issues comes to be the Spurs would want more than just one player (Knicks won't give Galinari AND Chandler) and Curry's contract is expiring. Still, he won't play so basically they're flushing that money down the drains for next season. It's not gonna happen.


  1. Could the Knickerbockers use a quality PG? For damn sure, but they don't have the assets to get a deal done right now...they've positioned themselves to be FA players, not traders

  2. That's the main point. The Spurs would have to take Gallinari and/or Chandler. As good as those two CAN BE, they're not of the same value as Parker. The NY Daily News needs new sources.

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