Monday, May 10, 2010

A New Mr. Robinson?

We're still deciding on whether we wanna do a mock draft or two for the blog. In the meantime there's this guy:

Stanley Robinson

University of Connecticut
225 lbs
21 Years Old
Available to dunk upon request

See him make good on one of those requests after the jump.

DraftExpress currently has him going to the Spurs at #20 (their highest pick since 1997) so it's entirely possible.


  1. So is he a PF or an SF or a 'tweenr?

  2. From what I've seen, and I'm no expert, he doesn't have much of a post game. A lot of comparisons involve James Gist. I think people see him as more talented but a similar type player.

  3. Well, the Spurs could use a "stretch four" type player to match up with Dirk, Odom, Frye, etc.

  4. I want to smack you for including Frye in there but then I realize you're right. Now I just kind of wanna slap myself.

  5. As minor a player as he is, he did some more than minor damage



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