Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mason's Torn Ligament Needs Surgery

In news that comes as no shock to me, Roger Mason Jr. needs surgery on the torn ligament in his hand. He announced this on his twitter feed about half an hour ago.

Just found out I have to have surgery on my hand :tomorrow. / I tried fighting thru it all season, but it is what it is...smh

Yes, he had a torn ligament and continued to play. Some would call that brave and selfless. I call it incredibly dumb. I could see playing with such an injury if you were a defensive minded player. Or if you didn't rely ON JUMPSHOTS. But no, by all means, continue to play even after shooting 30% in April. What could possibly go wrong? Oh right, you can shoot 8% in the playoffs. Silly me!

I wanna puke.


  1. That explains the poor shooting, but the real question is why the fruck did the Spurs' MD staff let him play?

    Also, in a contract year, what is worse sitting out because of an injury or playing poorly because of an injury?

  2. He probably pushed to play through because of the contract year. Spurs medical staff should've told him to shut the hell up and go under the knife. Makes me sick he was suited up for the Phoenix series and Hairston wasn't.

  3. Hairston was was supposedly also banged up



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