Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kobe Photoshoot Photoshop Mashup

Anyone who watched the Lakers beat the Jazz last night saw some interesting pictures of Kobe Bryant displayed by TNT. Craig Sager even asked Kobe about the pictures. Here's a mashup of all the wonderful photoshop jobs on the already ridiculous pictures.

Credit for making these goes to the people at


  1. bullshit. these came from NT. get you facts straight

  2. And just whom is NT, so we can credit them appropriately

  3. I found them at Spurstalk. What is NT, Nadstalk? A site where you talk about Nads cuz you're a huge gaylord?

  4. I dunno. I went there but didn't see a thread about it. I think Anonymous is just a liar. His pants might or might not be on fire.



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