Monday, May 3, 2010

ESPN Punditry Recap Volume 3

Chris Sheridan this time:

Chris (San Antonio TX):Chris,must the Spurs get a Split in order to beat the Suns or do you think they can go on a run later and still win the series?

Chris Sheridan 3:04 PM: Aside from the Cavs, I feel they are the team most capable of winning on someone else's court at any particular time, which is why I picked them in 7 against Phoenix, meaning they'd have to win that last game on the road.
I'm picking the Spurs in seven also, though I would love for the Spurs to shock the hell outta the Suns something like this:

Jim (Phoenix):I think you're selling the Suns a little too short. The Mavs may have had the best road record this year and didn't get one in San Antonio, but I think Dallas was overrated/lucky this year to get 55 wins. However, I feel Game 1 is more key to their success in this series than it was against Portland. Protecting home court against the Spurs is very important.

Chris Sheridan (3:31 PM): I'm not selling them short. I just think the series will go the distance, and the Spurs will find a way to win that last one on the road. They have been playing like a team possessed, and their supporting guys (Hill, McDyess) will outshine Phoenix's in a winner-take-all game.

While on the surface it may appear as though the Suns are a deeper team in terms of supporting players, the chops displayed by McDyess and Hill against the Mavs show me that they are far and away a better team. I also think that Pop has got the level against his former fellow assistant Mr. Gentry

Josh (Knoxville, TN): What do you think the Spurs will do with Jefferson next year? His salary is big enough to be part of a sign-and-trade for Bosh, but obviously his actual performance doesn't match his salary. Can the Spurs improve with him as a trade piece? Thanks.

Chris Sheridan (3:44 PM): They are stuck with him and his $15 million salary. Peter Holt will have to sell a lot of tractors to pay the luxury tax bill next year, but it'll be worth it if they come out of the West this year. That's why they took on RJ in the first place.

Let's wait until the Spurs are done for the season to see who they are "stuck with", also let's keep an eye on the CBA progress. If it's looking good then RJ may be a key piece in a trade at the deadline next year...and don't forget he may opt out in favor of a longer contract.

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