Sunday, January 25, 2009

Spurs @ Lakers Game Recap: Welcome to the Suckfest

Actually, it wasn't that bad....I guess. Anyone who doesn't think that roleplayers really matter in the NBA needs to watch this game. Bottom line, the LA roleplayers played well and hit shots and the San Antonio roleplayers did not. Even with that said, it was only a 14 point loss so I can't be too mad about it.

Since the handful of people who read this blog are going to want at least a bit of decent basketball analysis, here's a couple of points.

First, Pop let me know that we were going to lose this game early in the second quarter when he threw out a lineup of Hill/Mason/Bowen/KT/Bonner. Sometimes in the middle of the season Pop will do some strange shit, I dont know if its to hide his master plan or to see how the defense will react to playing 5 scrubs, he does it. To make things worse, Pop later pulled Hill and had Mason run the point. Needless to say this ended badly.

Secondly, Manu was as unaggressive as I've seen him all year, he didn't even think of driving but maybe once. He also threw the ball away a few times and had some more questionable decisions. I'm not saying he was the reason the Spurs lost, because he wasn't, but he certainly could have improved our chances.

None of this really matters when you consider that the Spurs failed to execute the most crucial NBA skill.....shooting the ball. Here's some shooting numbers to look at:

Bonner (3-8), Mason (1-7), Finley (3-8), Manu (4-11), Hill (0-4), Udoka (1-8)

Of all the players who played over 10 minutes (everyone but Austin Croshere), only Parker (8-17), Duncan (6-12), and Oberto (4-5) shot well.

I mean, you don't need much analysis after looking at those numbers. If you don't shoot the ball well, you don't win many games. If any one of those players shoot well, we at least make a close game of it. They actually rebounded well, took care of the ball, and moved the ball well (21 assists on 33 field goals).

All said, I really can't be too mad about this game. I really don't know what else to say except that its been a bitch of a weekend and I'm sort of glad its over.


  1. The supporting cast were dreadful and this is not good for the Spurs. Even Manu was way too poor by his own standard.

    But in games like this, the best thing that they can do (especially for the likes of Mason, Hill etc.) is to learn as much as they can.

    Having said that, I still believe that the Spurs will be a strong contender in the playoffs.

  2. There was definitely good and bad in this game.

    The good? Tim and Tony played well; The shots they were getting were open, they just couldn't hit the broad side of a barn; KT's defense looked pretty good

    The bad? Everything else. Manu doesn't drive to the basket but once (as Bob said); guys were passing up shots; the defense got lazy at times



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