Saturday, January 31, 2009

Game Preview: Spurs vs. Hornets

I try not to remember the last meeting between these two. The Spurs blew a big 4th quarter lead on their own court. Chris Paul is a prissy bitch. Tyson Chandler thinks his ability to jump and catch a ball is impressive. Etc. etc. etc. Good thing for us Chandler and three point threat MoPete are injured. Should the Spurs take care of business and win this game, they will be 3 games up on NOLA in the Southwest. The Hornets are coming off a terrible loss to a shitty GS Warriors team. I watched some of that game and lemme tell you, the Hornets don't seem at all what they were last year. Let's hope their shooting woes (36% last night) continue tonight.

Keys to the Game:

Bruce Bowen/Roger Mason should guard Chris Paul. Don Nelson did something interesting last night. He put Stephen Jackson on Chris Paul. This limited Paul's abilities because Jackson is fairly quick and has a large height/arm length advantage. I think the Spurs could have similar success if they put Money Mason or Bruce on Paul. Tony is one of the weaker defenders and he gets destroyed on the pick-n-roll. Then again so does Mason.

Tim Duncan needs to dictate the pace. The Hornets best defender not named James Posey is out for this game. He also happens to be one of people that gives Tim the most trouble. I'm not saying Hilton Armstrong can't guard Tim, but he's not Tyson Chandler. Tim should be able to basically get what he wants. The Hornets will almost assuredly double. That means....

The shooters absolutely have to be on tonight. There have been a few games where it was ok if the shooters had mediocre nights. When Manu, Tim, and Tony are all scoring (like last game), the shooters get some leeway. But the Hornets will more than likely double Tim every time he gets it on the block. This means he's going to be passing to outside shooters a lot. Hit your shots! I'm looking at you Michael Finley.

I also kinda of hope Chris Paul gets an inadvertent elbow to his groin. Just to make up for him punching Bruce in the nuts last year.

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  1. Ah! What a game to watch. Most importantly what a dunk by Manu. Worth millions of dollar.



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