Thursday, May 20, 2010

From Underground to the Alamo Air

The days and months spent toiling to make this the most mediocre Spurs related blog on the interwebs has finally gotten Ben and I noticed for something other than the enormity of our schlongs (no homo).

We’ve been asked to join the Fansided Network blog AirAlamo and lend our opinions and insight, however impacted by our limited writing skills they may be, to the fray.

So with that, we say farewell to you here, but not goodbye for “The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning.”

So look for us there and keep in touch.

p.s. if anyone is interesting in taking over for us here let us know

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2010 NBA Lottery Results

1 Wizards
2 Sixers
3 Nets
4 Timberwolves
5 Kings
6 Warriors
7 Pistons
8 Clippers
9 Jazz
10 Pacers
11 Hornets
12 Grizzlies
13 Raptors
14 Rockets

What Does a Draft Pick Get You?

Very thorough breakdown the history of the draft that I though was interesting

What Does a Draft Pick Get You? Part I: Stat Ratings and Number Crunching

Ridiculous Upside: NBA Draft Lottery 2010: It's Today

Tonight the future of this season's worst 14 teams begins to take shape. Will the Nets get the 1st pick? Will Houston leap frog everyone? Like you, I can't wait to see how the ping-pong balls hop. Follow the link to see what other (better) writers are saying

NBA Draft Lottery 2010: It's Today - Ridiculous Upside

Friday, May 14, 2010


 (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

I have to say I didn't see it coming. I thought this year the Cavs had all they needed to win a title. They had 2 pretty good SF/PF combos in Jamison and Hickson. They had a decent PG in Williams and a great hustle guy in Sideshow Bob. They brought in Shaq to deal with D12 in the conference finals and they had the best player in the league. Only problem was they'd never see the Conference Finals. Even though he posted a triple double (27 pts 19 reb 10 ast) in Game 6, it still wasn't enough. Some people are saying LeBron just doesn't know how to win when it matters. Others are saying Mike Brown couldn't coach a girl's youth softball team. It doesn't really matter at this point. Brown will be gone. It's possible Danny Ferry will be gone as well. LeBron has a decision to make. Let's take a look at his suitors and stay tuned for a prediction on where he'll end up. Because I know everyone is just hanging on my every word. You love me.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Parker won't play for France at worlds

I guess we can call this good news...unless Tony breaks himself doing the deed with Eva

Parker won't play for France at worlds -

Mason's Torn Ligament Needs Surgery

In news that comes as no shock to me, Roger Mason Jr. needs surgery on the torn ligament in his hand. He announced this on his twitter feed about half an hour ago.

Just found out I have to have surgery on my hand :tomorrow. / I tried fighting thru it all season, but it is what it is...smh

Yes, he had a torn ligament and continued to play. Some would call that brave and selfless. I call it incredibly dumb. I could see playing with such an injury if you were a defensive minded player. Or if you didn't rely ON JUMPSHOTS. But no, by all means, continue to play even after shooting 30% in April. What could possibly go wrong? Oh right, you can shoot 8% in the playoffs. Silly me!

I wanna puke.

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